The Data Monetization Challenge…

The Data Monetization Challenge…

The Data Monetization Challenge: A Practical Roadmap to Frame, Price, and Sell B2B Digital Offers

The digital revolution promises trillions of dollars in created value by 2030. Consultants and researchers are projecting massive disruption in industrial sectors. As a result, PwC states in their DigitalIQ report that 73% of executives are investing in internet of things (IoT) and 54% in artificial intelligence (AI). ABB predicts that 33 billion “things” will be connected to the internet by 2020. Yet, in 2017, Cisco reported that 60% of IoT initiatives stall in the proof-of-concept phase and that only 26% of companies have had an IoT initiative that they consider a success. Despite the high level of interest and investments, the reality is that most companies are just starting.

This workshop focuses on data monetization and the value-based pricing of data-based offers. We introduce a newly-developed practical data monetization roadmap that can be used by digital project teams, incubators, and digital factories to better frame their offers and apply the principles of value-based pricing. Participants receive a copy of the 2018 Monetizing Data book.


Workshop level: 600
(Thursday, 29 November)

Attendees will learn:

  • The business and pricing challenges faced by B2B companies in the development of data-driven opportunities

  • The data monetization roadmap that can help digital factories extract more value from their offerings

  • The options in digital pricing models and practical guidelines on how to implement them

Stephan M. Liozu, Ph.D., CPP

Chief Value Officer, Thales Group & CMO, Thales Inc.

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