Customer Value Insights and Pricing Strategy…

Customer Value Insights and Pricing Strategy…

Customer Value Insights and Pricing Strategy: Building a Strong Foundation

When seeking to develop value-based pricing strategies many practitioners overlook a fundamental question:  how should customer value be defined? Typically they allow value to be defined by whatever methodology is used to research it. Choosing the wrong approach is equivalent to building a house on a crumbling foundation: the whole basis for pricing and offering strategy will crumble. Leading firms carefully address this question as well as several others.

Rather than reviewing a set of market research reports to highlight what was right or the risks of taking them at face value, this workshop will aim at providing the audience with powerful instruments to critically analyze the results, and generate relevant insights for profitable price actions. The core of the workshop will be types of analyses practitioners perform that should be at the foundation of any research effort aimed at assessing customer value perception.

Level 400 Course

Attendees will learn:

  • A clear understanding of who the customer really is and what he/she values

  • The ability to accurately understand and measure the customer value

  • Products and services well-structured to target specific customer groups

Chris D’Alfonso

Managing Director, KPMG

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Edoardo Poli

Director, KPMG

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