Dollars and Sense: Gathering, Analyzing and Delivering…

Dollars and Sense: Gathering, Analyzing and Delivering…

Dollars and Sense: Gathering, Analyzing and Delivering Pricing Intelligence from your Competitors

Pricing intelligence is, arguably, the most challenging competitive insights to collect in a systematic and repeatable manner. But then again, nobody got into the intelligence field because it’s easy.

In this intensive full-day workshop, we will devote our training toward the advanced skills necessary to perform pricing analysis on your competitors. At times these details will reside in the brain trust of your existing employee base or industry sources you can legitimately contact on your own, and at other times you may need to turn to pricing specialists… inside or outside the organization.

Join 15-year industry thought leaders and facilitators, Derek Johnson and Jon Thomson, for a high-energy examination of the best and next practices associated with Pricing Intelligence. In this blended format boot camp, combining facilitated presentation and discussion with small group intensives, we seek to move your Pricing skills closer to advanced status.

Level 200 Workshop

(Wednesday, October 25th)

Attendees will learn:

  • To understand the ethics and laws that will govern your work in pricing intelligence

  • To help the organization achieve next-generation collection, analysis, and distribution of competitive pricing parameters

  • To inform business decisions related to how your firm should set pricing policy, and working toward a position where ROI justification (with such an intensely quantitative topic as pricing) is much easier and more straightforward

Derek Johnson, CFA

Chief Executive Officer, Aurora WDC

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John Thomson

Chief Research Officer, Aurora WDC

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