Get in the Game…

Get in the Game: Team-up with Sales to Play Better Poker with Customers to Improve Pricing Outcomes

Companies waste billions of dollars each year investing in deals they will never win or by discounting deals they’ve already won.  Why? Poker Playing customers. They haggle, delay, threaten, and create hoops for the already-chosen-vendor to jump through – just to get a lower price. Unfortunately, these types of buyers are gaining in number and power in organizations because they know how to play the game to get unearned discounts.  Sales teams seemingly have little recourse but to discount or potentially lose the business.

The stakes have been raised and its time for Pricing to get skin in the game.  Pricing professionals are uniquely positioned to help sales teams recognize negotiations as a game and create tactics to get paid for value and rewarded for additional risk.  Pricing leaders can help those teams understand the cards being played, who’s bluffing, determine the type of buyer, and use tactics that ensure the winning hand.

This workshop is based on the buyer behaviors originally coined by Reed Holden as authored in Negotiating with Backbone, 2nd edition.

Level 400 Workshop

(Tuesday, October 24th)

Attendees will learn:

  • The role financial value plays in changing Sales’ mindset from reactive pricing to pricing with confidence

  • How to create ‘Give-Gets’ for negotiation leverage

  • How to identify buyer “tells” that help sellers plan the confidence-building tactics

Tannis Ashworth

Senior Sales Performance Expert, Holden Advisors

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