Maximize Your Profit Potential…

Maximize Your Profit Potential…

Maximize Your Profit Potential with an Outside-In Value Crusade

Customers do business with you for one reason—because your offerings drive bottom-line financial value to their business better than the alternatives. When you understand how you deliver value to customers, you can align your organization to maximize profits, discover hidden pricing potential and build strong partnerships with your key accounts.

The essential first step is determining how your customers make money coupled with business improvements your offerings deliver.  The mistake too many organizations make is relying on their internal view of value rather than engaging in customer conversations to co-create the best possible offering. Armed with this knowledge, you can build offering tiers that provide customer choice, price to value using metrics that support your positioning, and provide sales with the value tools to improve customer conversations.

Level 300 Course

Attendees will learn:

  • How to build a map of your customer’s business

  • How to identify key stakeholders for value-based messaging

  • How to achieve price-value alignment

  • How to strengthen customer relationships via value conversations

Chris Mitchell

Vice President of Global Initiatives, Holden Advisors

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Ellen Quackenbush

Senior Value Expert, Holden Advisors

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