Negotiating with 21st Century Procurement

Negotiating with 21st Century Procurement

Negotiating with 21st Century Procurement: Increase Your Negotiation Skills and Help Your Sales Team with Modern Buyers

Businesses face unprecedented pricing pressure due to the rise of modern procurement organizations and tactics. Whether you are a sales leader, pricer, commercial leader, or a finance leader, you may be involved in difficult sales negotiations driven by your customers’ procurement organization. Negotiation is a core skill necessary for anyone in business. Sales teams and pricing professionals that work with sales need to up their game to defend their prices, value proposition and margins.

This course will provide in-depth and practical pricing and negotiating approaches to counter modern procurement strategies. We will explore the recent evolution of procurement organizations, the tools used in modern procurement, and tactics for designing winning, profitable strategies for dealing with procurement.

Don’t let your investment in value and selling go to waste – help your sales and pricing teams capture more of the value you deliver to customers. Learn firsthand from instructors who have worked on both sides of the negotiating table – procurement and pricing.

Tuesday Workshop 4 (May 1st)
Level 500 Workshop

Attendees will learn:

  • The evolution of procurement organizations to a 21st century model and supplier implications

  • The tools, strategies and approaches modern procurement uses to extract value from suppliers

  • How to design winning pricing strategies to counter procurement and grow your margins

Chris Provines, MBA

CEO, Value Vantage Partners

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Lydia Di Liello

CEO and founder, Capital Pricing Consultants

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