The New Principles of Pricing Leadership…

The New Principles of Pricing Leadership…

The New Principles of Pricing Leadership: How the New Race for the Customer is Driving the Creation and Adoption of New Pricing Capabilities

Customer buying behaviors and purchasing preferences are changing more rapidly than ever.  With significant ability to research and interact with potential suppliers through multiple channels, they often have a well-developed sense of their needs, preferences, and pricing expectations before even explicitly stating their interest.  This asymmetry of information is driving pricing organizations to respond with deeper and more sophisticated analytics just to stay in the game.

The challenge is determining which information and analyses are most effective in getting pricing right.  In this session, attendees will revisit the basics of building pricing capabilities in light of the proliferation of new tools and techniques that are rapidly becoming available.

Level 300 Workshop

(Wednesday, October 25th)

Attendees will learn:

  • How to best use big data and predictive analytics to rapidly uncover hidden margin improvement opportunities and “see around the corner” to keep customers engaged

  • Shaping tools and messaging to make it easier for direct sales and channel partners to successfully win deals on favorable terms

  • What the modern pricing organization should look like and how to ensure that the entire enterprise is “pricing capable”

Mark Burton

Principal, KPMG Strategy

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Chris D’Alfonso

Managing Director, KPMG Strategy

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