Partnering with Sales…

Partnering with Sales…

Partnering with Sales: Best Practices for Price Execution

Your pricing team can set great targets and recommendations for pricing moves, but success always comes down to your sales team’s ability to execute these recommendations. Each negotiated deal has the potential for the price to be dropped. Often it’s dropped unnecessarily or far deeper than needed. Additionally, when a business decides to raise prices, the execution skills of business leaders, marketing and sales are critical for success. Too often price increases fall far short of expectations. Whether sales discounted prices or were unable to increase prices, the business assumes the competitive and market dynamics were not favorable when the real reason is often weak execution.

This workshop covers proven strategies, best practices and tactics the business, marketing and sales teams need in order to successfully negotiate a deal with no or minimal price decreases and to effectively implement price increases.  It covers the critical role of the pricing team in encouraging and guiding sales towards these best practices.

Level 600 Course
(Thursday, 29 November)

Attendees will learn:

  • How pricing can partner with sales to improve price realization

  • Behaviors for influencing customers and the market

  • How to make your smartest price discounting decisions

Joanne Smith

President, Price to Profits Consulting

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