Price Execution for Sustained Profitable Growth

Price Execution for Sustained Profitable Growth

Many companies find themselves ill-prepared to handle disruption or tap into innovation opportunities due to a legacy of weak pricing execution. New product introduction, organizational redesign, big data solutions, and other strategic investments – all of these critical functions can fall short without solid price operations.  Customers frame their perception of value received or procurement risk based on their vendors’ ability to execute pricing. Given the ever-changing marketplace, even smart companies need to adapt quickly with continuous price improvement.

However, companies have far more control over their pricing operations than they realize. In the workshop Pricing Execution for Sustained Profitable Growth, we will discuss a breakthrough approach for superior execution, one that can systematically eliminate pricing-related risk or leaks to bring new profits straight to the bottom-line without alienating customers. In this workshop, our discussion will include a holistic organizational approach for keeping senior management engaged while dismantling functional silos with the spirit of continuous improvement.

Wednesday Workshop 10 (May 2nd)
Level 500 Workshop

Attendees will learn:

  • How to find the Hidden Pricing Factory within your organization

  • How to secure trust and organizational support with evidence-based assessment of the overall pricing capability

  • How to align pricing operations with your pricing and sales strategy

Navdeep Sodhi

Managing Director, Sodhi Pricing Associates

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