Pricing and Selling: Strategies and Tactics…

Pricing and Selling: Strategies and Tactics…

Pricing and Selling: Strategies and Tactics to Win with 21st Century Procurement

Are you tired of purchasing agents winning while your margins continue to erode? Do you feel helpless when faced with procurement tactics that grow more challenging each year? Then this Workshop is for you!

Across industries, procurement organizations are becoming more sophisticated and assuming a more pivotal role in buying decisions. Many suppliers, however, have not adapted their pricing strategy or prepared the sales team to win with this new more skilled, aggressive buyer. A 21st century procurement organization presents substantial challenges and opportunities for suppliers.  For unprepared suppliers, it can mean lower margins, declining sales and unhappy salespeople.

Learn how to adapt your pricing and selling strategies to win with 21st century procurement.  Come join us and learn firsthand from instructors who have worked in and teach Global Procurement and Strategic sourcing!

Level 500 Course

Attendees will learn:

  • What 21st century buyers really want from their suppliers

  • Five key procurement goals that should be considered in your value selling and pricing strategy

  • How to adapt pricing strategy based on procurement’s supplier segmentation model and strategic sourcing strategies

Christopher D. Provines

CEO of Value Vantage Partners

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Lydia M. Di Liello

Founder & Principal, Capital Pricing Consultants LLC.

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