Pricing Innovation: A High Impact Approach

Pricing Innovation: A High Impact Approach

Pricing Innovation: A High Impact Approach to Monetizing Disruptive Value Creation

Most innovations are under-priced when launched.  This is because product owners have limited market and customer insights, are uncertain of the product’s value and lack a structured price setting process. Pricing is an afterthought.  By the time most new products reach “launch,” fear, compromise and deadlines drive the pricing decision. Inevitably this results in financial expectations not being achieved and a weak competitive position upon market entry.

This Pricing Innovation workshop will provide pricing professionals with a high impact approach for pricing innovation.  We will provide a ‘hands-on’ approach to optimizing the price setting process throughout the product development process.  The price setting framework ensures that product owners set prices confidently, in a timely manner with achievable financial goals.

Pricers attending this workshop will learn how to monetize disruptive value creation (e.g. Internet of Things), how to avoid leaving money on the table during the value creation process, and how to create confidence with the sales force to enhance value capture.

Wednesday Workshop 7 (May 2nd)
Level 300 Workshop

Attendees will learn:

  • What key information is required and when, in the development of pricing for a new innovation

  • How to develop this information, discover insights and apply it to create a profitable pricing strategy

  • How to organize the price setting process and engage internal stakeholders to create aligned expectations

Kirk Jackisch

VP of Pricing Strategy, Pricing Solutions Ltd.

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Greg Thomas

VP of Pricing Research & Analytics, Pricing Solutions Ltd.

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