The Pricing Strategy Playbook

The Pricing Strategy Playbook

This workshop will be focused on helping pricers become more effective strategists. Strategy is the first stage of the pricing process and arguably the most critical, but most pricers do not have effective frameworks and tools for engaging their organization in this process.

Module 1 – Overview

  • The four C’s of a good pricing strategy (Customer, Cost, Capacity, Competition)
  • Necessary conditions to developing an effective pricing strategy
  • Diagnosis of organizational gaps

Module 2 – Customer

  • High-impact pricing strategies for customers
  • Frameworks for understanding, measuring and quantifying value
  • Segmentation and price structures

Module 3 – Competition

  • How to deploy effective competitive pricing strategies
  • How to assess the likelihood of a price war erupting within your business
  • Groups will compete in an experimental “Price Wars” game

Module 4 – Costs

  • How to connect costs to pricing strategies
  • Cost structures (high fixed, low variable, low fixed, high variable, etc.) in developing strategy
  • How to gather better costing information

Module 5 – Capacity Utilization

  • How to measure the impact of industry
  • capacity utilization on pricing
  • Group exercise on capacity and pricing

This workshop includes exercises, simulations and case studies that allow pricers to see the impact of their decisions.

In particular, Paul will focus on the Pricing Strategy Playbook as the key tool for driving organizational change and bringing clarity to the pricing strategy process.

Level 100 Workshops

(Wednesday, October 25th)

Paul Hunt

President, Pricing Solutions

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