Six Sigma Pricing…

Six Sigma Pricing…

Six Sigma Pricing: Toolkit for Improving Operations to Increase Profits

Many companies are adopting value-based pricing strategy, sophisticated analytical tools and superior sales services, but without equally solid pricing operations, those services alone will prove to be inadequate.

The goal of pricing operations is to consistently control price deviations in pricing practices and across customer segments over time. This goal of ensuring the prices are just right — not too low or too high — lends itself perfectly to Six Sigma Pricing.

Following our practical toolkit, you will ensure continuous, ongoing improvement in price, profit, and customer satisfaction.

Level 500 Workshop

(Wednesday, October 25th)

Attendees will learn:

  • To set up your pricing operations for continuous improvement

  • To Illuminate as-is pricing processes so you can eliminate profit leaks

  • To create a highly successful pricing organization

Navdeep Sodhi

Managing Director, Sodhi Pricing Associates

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